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Corridor installed on the solar lights are stalled for 30 years of electricity and then no charge

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December 22 at 9 am, after the hospital community Lane Lane Lane 2 Building 3 units, the construction staff are debugging solar corridor lights. This is a new type of solar corridor lights, sound and light dual-control power also anti-theft, security it, residents do not have to pay the electricity.

The installation of Liu Xiang Street after the hospital community, open south community, from the Fengjie community, Haidong community dozens of old residential buildings, such a centralized scale of the unified installation, in Taiyuan City is rare.

Old floor black floor Road put on the tall solar lights

In Taiyuan, many of the old district corridor lights long "black" with the reason is that electricity is not up, or corridor lights unattended light bulbs are frequently lost, Yingze District Liu Xiang street after the hospital community, the past also exist the same Case. However, from now on, after the hospital community to the sun to "electricity", in the Lane Lane 11 Building, Building 12, Building 13, a total of seven residential buildings, 34 units installed a new solar corridor lights, sound and light Double control power also anti-theft, residents do not have to pay the electricity.

3 units, the construction workers are debugging solar corridor lights. Workers installed on an acrylic material LED lights, take a carton cover the light bulb, light up, can pick the carton, the lights and off.

70-year-old Han uncle look rare, the old man standing in the corridor clap and stomping, and then looked up to see the new installation of solar lights, ye light did not respond? Construction staff told Han uncle, this is not an ordinary corridor lights, is a new type of solar corridor lights, sound and light dual control type. Besides it, it is bright, it is dark, and it sounds bright. Now is the day, of course not bright.

In the roof of the 12th floor, the other two workers are strengthening the solar photovoltaic panels, long and wide are more than 1 meter, showing a 45 degree angle, towards the south is full absorption of sunlight. This solar photovoltaic board is equivalent to the corridor lamp "granary", it will light energy into electricity, the supply of the whole building bulbs electricity. Construction official said, in general, two to three hours in summer can be filled with batteries, winter charging takes six or seven hours. If you encounter a number of consecutive rainy days, but also to ensure that two days corridor lighting electricity.

30 years of additional electricity this fee no longer need to close

For the corridor lights, Han uncle said that the 80s of last century he lived here, the earliest time in the corridor lights, gradually began to light up the lights. Because there is no property management district, corridor lights no one management, maintenance, frequent loss of light bulbs, and sometimes enthusiastic residents pay a new light bulb, can not use a few days light bulbs and lost. There are people who do not want to share the corridor electricity. Later, no one is willing to tube corridor again "busy" the. This two years, Han uncle every day out with carry a flashlight. Once again, he went downstairs to buy things, go out with a forgotten with a flashlight, accidentally stepped on a step, sprained the lumbar spine.

In this regard, the hospital after the community director Zu Bo said that one of the community Huimin project is for the seven non-property management of residential buildings to install solar corridor lights, the budget of about 80,000 yuan.

The seven residential buildings are: Tongshun Lane 11 Building, Building 12, Building 13, Jiefang Road, Building 21, 23 Building, Building 25, Building 27, are the early eighties of the last century Old buildings, involving more than 700 households more than 3,000 people. Most of these old buildings are no property, has been the household residents of the cost of electricity charges, each household to pay 2 to 5 yuan per month ranging from electricity. Because the charges from time to time there are contradictions, coupled with the corridor lights line aging, bulb damage, corridor gradually "black" down.

The use of solar corridor lights, the use of photovoltaic panels to save electricity, completely solve the problem of flat tariffs, is expected to be on the 25th of this month, the normal use of electricity.

Single-floor solar LED bulb for a 5W, it is equivalent to 40-watt energy-saving lamps, 60-watt incandescent brightness, 1000 hours only 4 degrees.

Installation costs do not need to bear the residents, the community to seek the views of residents, the use of Huimin project funds to install. If carefully maintained, regular maintenance, the entire system design life is ten to fifteen years.

"Light" test run the residents to reflect the effect is good

In Liuxiang streets, there are three other communities installed solar corridor lights, such as the open community of the three residential buildings, from the streets of the two residential buildings and so on. At present, in these two communities have been "lit" test run for about a week, the residents reflect the effect of lighting is also good.

Project side Taiyuan Ke Yi technology company, the solar corridor lamp transformation includes: the installation of the roof power generation solar photovoltaic panels, cabinets, corridor pipeline, light bulb lines, roof waterproof line, such as the unified replacement.

Installation of solar corridor lights, the cost of the need to be calculated according to the actual calculation, to consider the district environment, the direction of the building, the need to generate electricity when the surrounding shelter, etc. do the budget, the cost range, a building renovation costs down from thousands Yuan to ten thousand yuan range.

Special introduction

About the solar corridor lights tell you a few little knowledge

Reporters in the installation site interview with the construction side, he details the solar corridor lights a few small knowledge.

1, when the light is not clear when the corridor lights

Solar corridor lamp is the use of LED solar energy-saving light bulbs, this light bulb tip big, resembles a small gourd. Construction side official said, it is acrylic material, because the acrylic light.

When the corridor when the dark light, hear the footsteps, lights will immediately lit up, and LED energy-saving lamps gathered, unlike incandescent light divergence, the impact of the surrounding residents is much smaller.

As the light bulb is too sensitive, outside the car after the car, it can light up, the construction side to add a time controller, manually set the time, so that it is not bright during the day, the winter around 5:30 pm automatically open, Until about 6 o'clock the next day automatically shut down.

2, the light bulb will be self-protection, but also anti-theft

The old district light bulbs are lost or damaged, solar acousto-optic control energy-saving lamps connected to the entire solar corridor lights power supply system, as long as there is a resident through the corridor lights wiring "theft" electricity, then the whole system will be trouble "temper" automatically disabled , Need to repair the workers to be enabled. And the bulb or anti-theft type, and said white, even if someone picked up the light bulb to take home, also do not have access.

3, not afraid of cloudy days, poly light can be used for two days

The roof of the installation of solar photovoltaic panels, length and width are more than one meter, composed of 72 small cubes, photovoltaic panels facing the south, the sun a long time, fully absorb the sun. In the solar photovoltaic panels, there are supporting the distribution box, there are solar special colloidal battery, the equivalent of electric vehicles lithium battery. In order not to damage the roof waterproof layer, solar photovoltaic panels using four "counterweight" to suppress the four corners as a fixed, each "weight" weighs about 25 kg, add up to 100 kg weight.

The person in charge explained that solar sunshine is generally concentrated between 10 am and 3 pm, the summer will be longer than the winter. In general, a solar photovoltaic panels to save electricity to meet the use of corridor lights, and not afraid of cloudy days, poly light can be used up to two days.

Reporter Ma Jiling

Equipment is a kind of protection

Old building equipped with a new security door

July 22 (Reporter Ma Jiling correspondent Hou Junqin) These two days, Yingze District, the streets of the street before the streets of Taoyuan Road, No. 9, No. 9, Liu uncle happy, because the unit floor on a new security door. And Liu uncle home, the community has three residential area of the old residential building a total of six units installed anti-theft door and building intercom system, 100 residents benefit.

Yesterday morning, the community staff to the residents to release the unit security door key. Some residents said that before the security door, the most hateful is the small advertising, "chapter" covered with full of corridor walls are. "Hey, I opened the door!" Huimin South Lane on the 3rd hospital Han aunt, tried the anti-theft door, and pressed the walkie-talkie, mouth lean, experience it.

Community staff said that the installation of security doors and building intercom system is Huimin South Lane on the 3rd hospital, water Xiguan 9 homes, 13 homes, involving six units, all for the non-property management unit. This year, for the three non-property management district old building security door, was listed as community Huimin project. Starting from last week, the installer began to install the unit security door. Now, all three districts are installed.

Equipment is a kind of care

The slopes are equipped with handrails and the height of the steps is also small

(Reporter Ma Jiling correspondent Shangyuan) 9 o'clock in the morning, in the Twin Towers Temple Community No. 1381 homes on the 2nd floor, 78-year-old Li aunt out, you find every day to go on both sides of the slope Fitted with a handrail. "This is the next people on the downhill effort and safety!" Originally, in order to facilitate the residents travel, Yingze District Wen Temple Street Twin Towers Temple community specifically for the community within the two slopes installed a new handrail.

This slope has more than 20 steps, the installation of the handrail about eight meters long. Aunt pointed to the ankle that there was no handrail before, we stepped on the slippery steps, hand to the wall to go, last winter, she fell here wrestling, Wei feet, rest at home for more than a month. Now fitted with handrails, no longer afraid of wrestling.

Like her, many old people fell here. Especially after the snow days, these places become elderly residents, children travel obstacles. Earlier this month, the slopes were fitted with handrails, and the steps were slipped. After the completion of the project, get the surrounding elderly residents of a praise.